So you are ready to Sell?

You may not feel like going the extra mile when the decision has been made to sell – but everything matters.  Ensuring premium price is first of all getting the marketing right and secondly going all out in preparint to sell

By following these tips, you will add to the success of your home sale!

Keep in mind that your buyer may be out there right now – ready to sign! The process of finance approval and settlement could take around 2 months to complete, so it would be good to get your agent involved as soon as you are thinking of moving. (always keep in mind that longer settlements can be negotiated if needs be and that the offer you receive me be subject to the sale of the buyer’s house) contact me now for more info on the complete process – I am always happy to help. No obligations! Sal – 0424 187 243

Now to presenting that magnificent property for sale!                                      

Clean, clean clean!!!

It could add a couple of hundreds to your price.  It is all about the overall impression

Clean light switches, marks on walls – (sugar soap works well to remove them) Floors should be clean and defintely not sticky

Spend extra time on cleaning bathrooms and kitchens – those shower doors should shine!

Have your carpets professionally cleaned if they don’t look good

Sparkling windows – yes – it does matter – inside and out

Dust all tops, mirrors, and tables.  Wipe your dining room table before the home open or viewing! You don’t want Mr and Mrs Buyer to decide on the price they are offering after having to sweep away the breadcrumbs –  It may just cost you $$$$$s!

Make it nice – Mrs prospective buyer does not want to feel that she has a major cleaning operation on her hands!

Painting it pretty

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for a jaded look.  Keep in mind that fashions change and if your home still has the paint of yester year it just dates your home.  Your agent can suggest a interior decorator or paint professional to assist. 

Painting outside and inside  freshens the look of your home – even if you just look critically at the front – it does matter.

First impressions is important.  Does the water feature needs a coat of paint or do your entrance door require some varnish?

Remember – it has been proven that neutral walls and ceilings are more acceptable to most prospective buyer.


Ensure that all lights and power points are in working order – this will also have to be attended to when your property goes to settlement.  Ensure that you call your electrician and that a minimum of two RCD’s  (residual current device) are fitted and your smoke alarms are all hard-wired as per the latest regulations.

Reticulation – For your garden to be in top condition, attend to all sprinklers and sprinkler heads and ensure they are in working order. A lush green lawn does wonders to the overall appeal of your property


Make it easy for the buyer to visualise themselves in your home –  it is difficult to start packing away some of your special memento’s and photo’s but keep in mind that it is easier for buyer to visualise themselves in your home if there are fewer things to draw their attention away from the lines and layout of your home.


Think of the new furniture you have always wanted to buy – and get rid of the old couch or unwanted items.  Visit display homes and page through a few home decorating magazines or websites for inspiration.

Ask your agent about “dressing or staging ” your house – it could assist you with the sale of your house and ensure a premium price.  Remember selling your house is like a competition – best dressed wins!

And most important – Choose the Right Agent!

What is their agenda.  Is he/she in the game just for a quick buck?

What motivates them?

Do they conjunct?

Are they working for you or the buyer?

How many properties do they have listed? – will they be able to give yours their undivided attention?

Ask for references – are they still on speaking terms with their previous Sellers?

Choose quality rather than quantity!

There is much more – ensure we make an appointment for an in depth analysis of the improvements that you could still make to your home!

Sal Viljoen

Sales & Marketing Specialist

M:  0424 187 243