Have you heard this term before?  YES? – as it says – OPENN IS A TRANSPARENT NEGOTIATION PROCESS   

Some fantastic results has been achieved with this sales process in the residential property market and in a shorter time frame, resulting in very happy buyers and sellers.  Openn Negotiation is a sales method that are being used more and more often with Sellers and Buyers very satisfied with the process.

Education and a high level of communication by the agent is key to the process.   This method is similar to a silent auction and buyers have proof that there are other buyers also offering on the property.  Determined by the seller – the price could be shown or hidden until an offer has been accepted.  It remains the Buyer’s decision to increase  their bid or leave the  negotiation.

For Sellers, the transparancy and shorter time frame in which property is sold proves to be a far better process.  It results in less anxiety, fewer home opens and a firm indication of the perceived market value of their property.  The Seller enters a reserve price before the property is launched and the upside of the Openn Negotiation sales method is that no ceiling is placed on the price of the property.  This sales strategy to sell homes for the maximum price is undeniable one of the best strategies with proven results.

Early contractual commitment is obtained from interested Buyers and the Seller approves all contractual terms and conditions before the negotiation process commence. On the day of the  Openn Negotiation countdown the Seller works closely with the agent towards the best result for their property.  An important note is that the Seller stays in control of the process.  In the event of a really good offer which the seller wishes to accept – the date could be brought forward to suit other registered Buyers.

For Buyers, the Openn Negotiation process gives confidence in the current market value of the property.   Buyers are able to observe other competitive bids throughout the whole process and decide if they wish to increase their offer on the property and succeed in being the new home owner.

Often in the normal private treaty process buyers feel they are kept in the dark, waiting for hours or days to know if their offer has been accepted, rejected or presented to the Seller.  With Set date sales and other no price strategies some Buyers are scared or unmotivated to participate – often seeing the property sell for a price they would have paid.  A property can not be sold unless the bid clock runs down,  so buyers have enough time to increase their bids and not lose out.

Sal Viljoen is a qualified Openn Negotiation agent. Please contact her on 0424 187 243 to find out more about this exciting process of selling property.