In the past year off market sales have shown an increasing trend with more home owners opting for this way of selling.  Reasons?  Well, everybody has a different reason.  They prefer the confidentiality, the ease, less stress and no marketing fees.  Sometimes a property has been in the market a couple of months previously with offers received which already gave them feedback on price in the market.

But is it the best way of selling?  Not in my opinion.  There may be that one buyer who has not had the chance to see your house – the one who will fall in love with the house – and are prepared to pay more  to secure it.  Usually thousands more!

So – when sellers want to skimp on advertising and have only buyers from the agents data base – how can they possibly know that they get the maximum price or terms of sale for their home?  Mr Seller! – Why not invest  at least $ 1 000 – $ 3 000 on marketing and be sure that everyone knows that your home is on the market?!   Nowadays there are various finance options available and the sellers does not have to pay marketing fees up front but only when the property settles.

A few of the homes I sold in the past was passive buyers who were not in buying mode but the saw the picture of the home and loved it – end of storey – and great price for the seller!

My friend recently lost out on a really nice home for which they would have gladly paid $30 000 more ! It was sold off market within a few days.  Perhaps convenient for the agent but has the agent fulfilled his duty of care?

In my opinion – if someone entrust you with the sale of their most valuable asset – the right thing to do would be to get the best possible price for the seller.  If the seller can not pay the marketing – work something out – even if the agent has to chip something in.

What will you do – choose the agent that is going to tidy up to make the property and the photos look good – or the one who just takes photos on their phone.  Look at a few of these examples – and let me know your thoughts! Sal Viljoen 0424 187 243 or [email protected]


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