It is a very scary thing to sell a home if you have not done it before.

What is the process? What costs are involved and how long does it take?

Once you have met your agent, gone through the pricing and selling strategy and signed the listing agreement, it’s al set for READY, GO!

Photos are organised, active buyers are contacted, signage is organised and all is set for a strong marketing campaign.

Feedback from your agent is also really important and b sure to select the agent who are truthful about buyer feedback.

Buyers are all different and an agent with strong marketing background and strong negotiation skills can often negotiate an increase of 10-15% on the initial offer.

The agents work does not stop once an offer has been agreed on. It is essential for the agent to keep in touch with the buyer’s financial person and stay on top of the finance approval and settlement process – ensuring that the property settles on the agreed date.

Selecting an agent that has experience and the backing of a strong administration team will ensure the process of selling your home is easy and to your best advantage. Feel free to contact Sal Viljoen on 0424187 243 or [email protected] for more info.