Keep in mind that in all the doom and gloom there are still buyers who just sold and need to buy, who has to down size or upsize, and sellers who have to sell. Are you one of the knowledgeable ones who knows that as long as you buy in the same market you sell in – chances are very good that you will still get a really good buy?

I can report that interest levels from buyers are still very high – almost as if buyers have more time now to hunt for their dream property … I also have had a few owners wanting to move from investing in shares to the safer haven of bricks and mortar. There are suburbs where we have seen a 20% decline in property values but then again some suburbs have actually shown a steady to slow increase. It is all about where you buy – and as one buyer said ” I am not interested at this time if the value will fall another 10% – I know that I want to live in this house for the next 10-15 years and by then the value will have increased”

Well – I personally have bought in this market and feel the same way. So in short – there are buyers looking for property – so please contact me to get yours sold! [email protected]